Small And Narrow Kitchen Ideas

Cramped and dark kitchen can make us think low, whereas walking right into a lighter, brighter space can instantly lift your spirits.

There is no reason a small little kitchen can’t exude plenty of serious style and feel more spacious than it really is. A home of any size can come to feel roomy in the event that you know some basic design tricks to help make the a lot of the space.

Many kitchens in cities such as London, NY and Paris are famously little, yet they are arguably one of the most appealing kitchens around, reflecting both stylish city living plus some ingenious space saving solutions.

For those who have a bijoux home, there are numerous of design techniques to create the illusion of a bigger space and maximise every square inch:

1. Use colour
Changing the color of your kitchen is definitely a low-cost, simple revise which will immediately make an area feel bigger. White colored kitchens are on-trend which is the foremost colour for visually checking a space.

All white is a way to go for a narrow kitchen x

If you wish to choose something brighter, yellow may create a welcoming, sunny home, giving a region vibe even in the center of a city.

best narrow kitchen ideas kitchen narrow kitchen design fashionable design modesty

Green is a color that symbolises the normal environment and tranquility. Pale green and teal happen to be on-trend shades and an ideal colors for adding touches to a light kitchen. Complement this seem with some fragile green crops or flower arrangements.

2. Add geometric patterns
Geometric patterns are highly stylish in art and home design right now. Instagram is filled up with geometric patterned tablecloths, rugs, blankets and cushions, which will be perfect for a small home since you can use these habits to create the illusion of additional space, whilst producing your home look like it really is right out of an inside design magazine.


Patterns may be used to accent a little kitchen but don’t overdo it – if you are using too much structure you can make a little space experience overcrowded and too busy.

Geometric patterns can draw the attention vertically or lengthways to provide the impression of an extended, taller kitchen. Urban subway tiles can provide the sense of checking the most miniscule region. The thick dark-colored lines between your subway tiles supply the illusion that your kitchen is bigger.

In the event that you can’t afford to improve your home tiles, a geometric ground runner can offer the same visual result.

3. Use see-through elements
An unobstructed physical and visible path can make your kitchen search bigger. If you keep carefully the view lines in your home open, your eyes will continue steadily to see through the area rather than arrive to an abrupt halt.

amenagement cuisine etroite longue x

Clear plastic chair, floating islands and bar surfaces, backless barstools or cup pendant lights most help achieve this effect.

4. Add mirrors
Mirrors are actually well-known to generate a room feel even more spacious, but it’s amazing just how many persons only use mirrors found in the bed room or bathroom, but don’t want to use mirrors found in the kitchen.

narrow kitchen island dimensions smallest size width thin outstanding long large of small with seating for

A super-size mirror covering one wall structure can look really striking, particularly when reflecting back a desk or home worktop which is sitting down flush against it.

You may also use mirrored splashbacks or perhaps mirrored cupboards to create the same illusion.

5. Choose reflective surfaces
Furthermore to mirrors, additional reflective surfaces may also make a kitchen experience bigger.

Alexander Lysak Visualization sleek narrow kitchen in white with reflective splash


  • Glass tiles
  • Shiny floors
  • High-gloss paint
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Glossy cabinets