Upsize a Small Living Room With Bookcase

Wish your living room were 50 % bigger than it really is? With a few design tricks, you possibly can make it feel just like it is. And you don’t have even to remove a wall. Try these tips for tweaking your colours, furniture, draperies and more to make your living room look and feel bigger.
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1. Use a lot of light colours
You’ve probably read that painting your walls white or another light shade (like soft grey or subtle taupe) might help an area look bigger, and that’s definitely true. Nevertheless, you could make this effect even more powerful by using similarly airy shades for other furnishings as well.
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2. Include hits of dramatic black
Just because you’re utilizing a large amount of light colours doesn’t mean you can’t put in a little drama. Introduce small components of black to give your living room a solid sense of contrast and therefore interest. Black-and-white patterns especially add the ideal hint of black to energise a little room without shrinking it, as do black-and-white photos or art pieces.

Adding some contrast actually creates an interplay of depths, with different pieces advancing and receding, and this can trick your eye into seeing the room as a bit bigger.
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3. Layer an attribute wall
Speaking of using depth, if you wish to add a fascinating feature wall, consider carrying it out on a wall with a window and layering the dramatic treatment behind a light curtain. The wallpaper feature in this room looks a bit farther away because it’s tucked behind the easy white drapes, and that makes the room seem deeper. It also gives a visual break that keeps the paper from appearing too busy.
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4. Use soft sheers
For draperies in the living room, soft sheers tend to be a great pick, assuming you don’t need absolute privacy. Curtains that aren’t completely opaque let your eye ingest a hint of the view beyond, making the area feel less closed in when the curtains are drawn.
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5. Uncover your windows altogether
Privacy not really a concern in your living room? Consider leaving the windows uncovered. It removes yet another element that breaks up the room, saving a precious inch or three of space and leaving the outside view fully exposed, which draws the eye outward.

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