Living Room Arrangements For Long Narrow Rooms

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Living Room Arrangements For Long Narrow Rooms

Living Room Arrangements For Long Narrow Rooms - Organizing pieces of furniture could be challenging enough in an average room however when your current room is long and also narrow it could be even more difficult. How can you make chat areas and also ease of movement within a room where space is at a premium? Here are some ideas. Below here are 6 Tips Living Room Arrangements For Long Narrow Rooms

6 Tips Living Room Arrangements For Long Narrow Rooms

1. Arranging Furniture

Before you decide to try to organise pieces of furniture within an awkward space ensure you understand the concepts of organizing pieces of furniture. You need to understand the rules before you begin breaking all of them. After you learn how to place stuff within an average room you can begin tweaking things so they really work in a small or just narrow space.

2. Leave a Walkway on One Side

One of the trickiest things about long, narrow rooms is definitely organizing pieces of furniture in ways so that people can easily walk throughout the room without having tripping over stuff. You do not want people to have to walk around furniture pieces and even zigzag throughout the area. Whenever you can keep your pieces of furniture arrangement to one side of the room and also leave a walkway on the other side.

If this just is not possible you are able to organise the pieces of furniture in ways to ensure that there is a path crossways throughout the room. This may be a little harder since you’ve got to make more of a corner arrangement, however , it can still much better having people bang their legs.

3. Think Vertically

Same with any kind of small or maybe awkward room you need to take advantage of all the space you have got. Make use of wall space for store shelving plus lighting. Sconces will always be a good option simply because they do not require space on the floor and also floating shelves could be attached to the walls so that you can take full advantage of your space.

4. Use Some Circular Furniture

A circular coffee table or maybe big ottoman are able to do miracles for splitting up the straight lines of lengthy rooms. Even circular side tables could actually help. They could really deal with the tunnel effect which can be difficult to prevent in long, straight rooms. They also have a way of creating little rooms seem even bigger. And this also applies to light fixtures – a round hanging pendent can definitely help break up a long, narrow room.

5. Edit Your Furniture

That can not be stressed enough – don’t try to cram too much pieces of furniture right into a smaller room. Know your own limits. Instead of wanting to fit lots of items try to look for stuff that can easily double as other pieces. For example, choose closed storage cubes which you can use as extra seating, footstools or as additional table surfaces when it is necessary.

6. Set Pieces of furniture on an Angle

In case your room is very long and also narrow and you also don’t want it to get the ‘bowling alley’ effect try out placing a few of your pieces of furniture on an angle so that it breaks up the area

Picture Of Long Narrow Living Room

Here are picture of long narrow living room to give you some inspiration :

Modern Long Narrow Living Rooms


Long Narrow Living Rooms




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