Beach Inspired Living Room Decorating Ideas

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 - Living Room

Beach Inspired Living Room Decorating Ideas (2)

beach inspired living room decorating ideas – Even though you do not stay by the seashore, it is possible to feel like you do simply by beautifying by using beach theme decorations. The challenge is always to get it done tastefully without having turning it seem cheap. A good way to get ideas for beach-themed decoration is usually seeking at decorating mags. A lot of the rooms featured in decorating mags usually are organized by expert interior designers. They work with well-chosen add-ons to give the room a stylish appearance without having too overboard. You could duplicate their concepts using standard add-ons to provide your room that designer look. Here are a few tips about Beach Inspired Living Room Decorating Ideas.

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1. Hot-glue shells on to the frame of a big mirror. Hang up the mirror around the wall opposing of a wall along with a window. The home window is going to be mirrored within the mirror to give the impression of one more window within the room, that will bring a lot more light. Hot-glue rope on to pillows for your chairs and sofa. Go on a couple of small picture frames and also hammer a brass tac or maybe nail in to each one of the corners. Wrap rope round the all of them and then tie it in the bottom of nautical knot.

2. Paint the room within a light colour like light blue, aqua, white, yellow or maybe , beige. Lightly coloured painted walls will provide the room an open up, airy sensation. Coloring the ceiling either a light blue to be able to act like the colour of the sky or maybe coloring it in white. Paint the home window frames using white color or even a sand color to help keep the entire feel of the room light. Make use of rattan furnishings within the room together with a huge sea grass rug placed directly under the coffee table. You certainly will feel like you’re outdoors walking around the beach whenever you enter the room.

3. Put beach-themed artwork around the walls. Put a huge piece of art of the ocean or maybe a sailboat above the couch. Put pictures of your family’s trips into the beach within picture frames and also group all of them within an entry way. Add floating shelves around the walls and put shells, candles, and beach photos on them in groupings. Be aware to not make the groupings seem cluttered. Groupings of 2 or 3 items per shelf can give a touch of whimsy without having to be too much and can make it easy to maintain and dust.

4. Position shells within a tall glass vase on one side table and also a classic lantern along with a candle inside on the other. Position a huge conch shell within the coffee table to be a centre piece. You can even fill up glass-based lamps using shells, starfish or maybe beach glass to provide a little bit whimsy on your room. SImply by Using shells which you have privately collected can bring unique meaning in your room, or maybe you can buy bags of shells at a craft store.

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