How to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender? Before that, did you know about lavender? We are sure that you must have at least known how it looks like. It’s basically long with purple petals around on the spikes above its foliage. While it has beautiful look to compliment and enjoy, it’s actually beneficial for various things, making it popular to cultivate it ourselves. If you want to learn more about growing it, give us the chance to tell you all about it here. Here we go.

What Is Lavender?

lavender plant picture
lavender plant

Let’s start from its description then. Lavender is called Lavandula as its genus name. It’s one among flowering plant species in the mint family of Lamiaceae. Of course, this genus has many members cultivated for various things. In temperate climates for example, its members are cultivated as ornamental plants. As you know, they are meant for garden and landscape use. This might be the most common reason for people to cultivate it. However, lavender isn’t simply something beautiful to decorate the exterior of your home design. It’s extensively grown for other vital reasons as well.

Need to be known, lavender is also cultivated as culinary herbs. It’s flower we are talking about here. Of course, it yields abundant nectar, so it’s capable of offering you floral and slight sweet flavor. Also, based on some experiments, its buds contain essential oil. This is exactly where the scent and the flavor coming from. Either used in salads or dressings, lavender makes perfect spice for the foods we are eating. That is why people are eager to know the way to grow lavender right from seeding to harvesting. Actually, this isn’t the only thing you can use lavender for. There are still others to tell.

Did you know? Lavender is also grown to make perfumes. Why, of course, it’s because this flowering plant can produce essential oil. This essential oil contains important properties, like antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. These extracts are what give you nice fragrances. If it’s English lavender that is used, you can get its sweet overtones for sweeter fragrance. Besides perfumes though, lavender is also used in cosmetics, topical applications, and bath products when it comes to its nice fragrances. There is actually one more use for people to cultivate lavender. Don’t you want to know about it?

Yes, lavender is grown for medical uses as well. As it was said before, lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why they are often used to make balms and salves. Also, it has been studied that lavender oil contains high linalool and linalyl acetate. It’s often made as capsules and works to reduce anxiety and any sleep issues. Some studies also suggest that lavender oil might even work to treat some neurological problems. See? There are various advantages you can gain from growing lavender. It sure is worth thing to do.

Where to Buy Lavender Seed and Lavender Plant

lavender seed
lavender seed

If you want to start growing lavender yourself, of course you will have to buy either the seed or the plant. You can obviously buy them from seed or plant stores nearby. Lavender is a very popular flowering plant. So, it should not be hard to find lavender seed and plant there. However, what if there is no such store nearby or what if the store doesn’t have the seed and the plant? You don’t have to worry. It’s not like there is no way to get them even when there is no such store nearby.

Today, you can buy almost everything through online shops. Of course, you can buy lavender seed and plant there. In fact, it might just be the most convenient way to do so. You can make your order from the comfort of your home after all. All you need to do is to pick the one you like, make your order, pay for it, and wait for it to be delivered to the front of your home. What’s so great about buying the seed and the plant online is because you can get various options to choose one from.

There is Phenomenal PPAF Lavender that is the hardiest of all. There are English Lavender with its fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves, Munstead Lavender with its classic fragrance, Super Blue PPAF Lavender that can tolerate heat and humidity, and many more. Of course, they would be priced differently from each other. Each has its own look and color to offer. It’s not like lavender is always purple after all. However, you should decided first though, whether you want to grow lavender from seed or from plant. Only then, you can finally make your order.

For lavender seed orders, sometimes the seeds are sold in pack. You might be able to get as much as 100 seeds from each pack. Although the price can be different from shop to shop, let us tell you some of them here. Munstead Lavender, English Lavender, and French Long Lavender seeds are priced $2.95. Rosea Lavender, Hidcote Blue Lavender, and Sancho Panza Lavender seeds are $3.95 to only name few. Sure, there are still other lavender kinds with different prices tagged on them. Since you buy them as seeds, they are not something too pricey to buy.

However, you will have to pay more if you plan on buying lavender plants instead. You get them all grown already after all. All you need to do is to plant them in your garden and they are all set for just any use you want from them. Lavender plants are not expensive, so you don’t have to worry. There is Phenomenal PPAF, Lady, Big Time Blue, Angustifolia Elizabeth Lavandula, Essence Purple PPAF Lavender plants, and others priced $12.95. You get Munstead Lavender plants priced at $6.65, Sweet Lavender at $16.95, etc. The prices will go around such price range.

When the Best Time to Plant Lavender

Best time to plant lavender
Lavender in container

In order to successfully plant lavender seeds or plants at home, you have to know the right time to do so. You can’t possibly plant them anytime you want. If you get the wrong time, the plant might end up dying instead. It might sound simple, if we put it like that. Actually, it’s because the time pretty much tells you how the weather would be. As it was said earlier, lavender is drought-tolerant. It means that it doesn’t need too much water. In fact, excessive water is what isn’t good for it.

You can’t even water it when its soil is still wet. So, it means that lavender will not be able to grow if you plant it in rainy or cold seasons. There isn’t that much sun to get in such seasons after all. Well, it goes the same in summer. The sun is too hot even if lavender is drought-tolerant. So, you better find the best time when the temperature is cooler. Only if you do that, your lavender will surely be able to grow and beautify your home. You can gain lots of other benefits from growing it as well.

So, when is the right time to do it? Well, in most regions, the ideal time for growing lavender is from April through September. Going by season, we would say that the best time would be either spring or autumn. Make sure to remember it when learning how to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender. Lavender is drought tolerant, but it still needs enough water. That is why we need cooler seasons, like spring and autumn when the sunlight and the rain are enough to nurture the lavender. It needs the best time to adapt itself to the place you grow it in.

It’s especially so if your lavender is still new plant. To put things clearly, both seasons have cooler temperatures. There will be low to moderate rainfall, while the sun will be less intense. It would make perfect weather to grow lavender. If you establish it during fall season for example, it should be ready to bloom in spring or summer. Surely, this is the thing that you want from growing it, right? This is the best time to do so, so make sure you keep it in mind and follow it when planting lavender. In fact, most people tend to grow it in that season.

You can say that it’s the most ideal season to establish lavender. During that season, the lavender will have enough time to establish itself in its place and grow strong roots before the cold of winter hits. So, it will be able to survive the winter and finally blossom in spring or summer. Looking from it, it’s undoubtedly that fall season is the best time to plant lavender. By now, you should have been able to understand why. As long as you plant it in the right time, everything will turn out just fine.

Where to Plant Lavender

Plant Lavender in container
Plant Lavender in container

Just like how you need to know when to grow lavender, you also have to know where you are supposed to plant it in. Of course, you can’t simply plant it in any soil and in just any place you want. Flowering plants, like lavender need extra attention and care even right when you just start planting it. Remember that lavender is drought tolerant. From that, you should have been able to guess that this plant isn’t the kind that will survive in wet soil. So, keep this in mind for it’s very important.

To start things, it would be good to plant lavender in pretty containers. Containers are better place to plant it because it offers good drainage and air circulation. Especially in humid climates, these containers would be very helpful to use. Why should we care so much about this? It’s because in a place with a lot of heat and humidity, fungus can easily attack your lavender. It will turn the leaves into brown and eventually make it die. So, be sure to remember to not over-watering it. This is a must when it comes to growing lavender after all.

That being said, it’s not like lavender can live without water. There is no such plant like that. If you want to water it, you have to make sure that the soil is dry, not when it’s still wet. For faster evaporation in containers, you can mulch it either with pebbles or sprinkle sand. Do it around at the base of the plant. Also, you can thin the plant a bit if you want to add better air circulation. This is also another important thing for growing lavender, caring, and harvesting it later. So, remember it.

There sure are various things to do even if we just plant lavender in containers. However, it’s all for the better. If it’s grown enough, you can move your lavender to open soil on the ground. Of course, the soil must be well-drained. To do so, you need to use slightly alkaline soil that has pH between 6.7 and 7.3. Add builder’s sand to the soil and use it to plant lavender in a raised bed, along a wall, or near slope top. In perennial bed, it’s highly suggested for you to plant your lavender on small mound.

These should give the lavender enough drainage and air circulation. Also, lavender plants must be set out for at least 12 inches apart from each other. The open soil you choose must be full sun and have food air circulation too. Only then, your lavender can grow healthily on the ground. If you want to successfully plant lavender in your garden, it’s a must for you to know these details. Lavender isn’t simple plant that can grow anywhere after all. As long as you follow what must be done, you will certainly get your lavender beautifully grow as a result of your efforts.

How to Grow Lavender from Seed

How to grow lavender from seed
Planting lavender from seed


Most gardeners like to plant lavender from seed, not from when it has grown as a plant. Growing flowering plants, like lavender are fun to do from seed after all. You get to watch the growth yourself, right from when they are still small till they are fully grown and bloom. While growing lavender from seed is fun in itself, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s remarkably cheap. It’s actually way better than spending more money to buy lavender plants. Don’t you think the same too? We are sure you do.

Moreover, it’s not hard to grow lavender from seed. Lavender Lady for example, is the kind that comes from seed easily. You can enjoy its bloom right from the first year. If you want nice lavenders to fill your perennial bed, we suggest you to plant Traditional Provence or Lacy Frill. Both are the best to plant in the bed right from when they are still seeds. Not to mention, they sure have nice fragrance to smell too, giving us all the more reason to grow and care it ourselves, don’t you think?

Surely, you want to know the way to grow lavender from seed, right? Of course, there is the right way you need to follow if you ever want to do so. Here are the steps you need to follow then.

  1. Start the seeds early and use the right potting mix. Start the seeds on seed tray and place it on a heat mat. Well, even warm location will do just fine. This must be done so that the seeds can germinate well. That being said, it’s better if you use very light potting mix than the traditional one. So, consider using fine vermiculite. It will offer quick drainage. With all of that set, you should be able to see the seedlings germinate after around 2 weeks.
  2. Give enough water and full sunlight for the growing little lavenders. Do remember. Even if they are drought tolerant, they need enough water when they are still small. However, be sure to not let them damp. Also, it would be best for them to be in full sunlight. This needs to be done for maximum health of the growing lavenders. Pay attention to their growth. After quite some time, you should be able to get little lavenders with several sets of leaves.
  3. Move lavenders into their final spot and do regular checking. This step is needed for you can’t let them get knocked over by something or dislodged by the rain. That way, your lavenders can settle in the ground and will be able to grow slowly in their first year. Most of them would bloom in the same year. Meanwhile, the others might bloom in the next year.

This is a good learning of how to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender, indeed. Just be sure to follow what you are suggested to do.

How to Care for Lavender

growing lavender with care
growing lavender with care

After you know how to grow lavender, the next thing you need to learn is to care for it. Even when it has established itself in the ground of your house, lavender still needs some care as well. We are sure that you must have learnt some of them from the discussion above, like the choice of soil, the choice of site, spacing, and even the potting. Now, then, let us tell you other cares that must be done after you have your lavender established in your ground. Pay attention to what must be done.

  1. First, you need to know the right watering for lavender. Indeed, every plant needs watering to grow. However, the frequency or the amount you need to give would be different from one to another. Lavender itself is the kind that doesn’t need lots of water. In fact, it will become something unnecessary after it has been established in its place. It might only need watering once every two weeks. However, you need to make sure to wait for the soil to dry before you can water it again. Lavender loves bathing in sunlight after all. So, don’t let the soil go damp.
  2. Second, after watering, the next important thing is feeding, of course. Just like the water, you don’t need to feed lavender that much. Only a little feeding is required after all. If you want to get more prolific flowering, you can sprinkle potash around the base of your lavender plants. Doing so will also improve the color of your lavender. In feeding matter though, just make sure you don’t add bulky manure or even high nitrogen feed. Doing so will only make your lavender sappy and flop open. Pay attention to this matter of growing, caring, and harvesting lavender from seed.
  3. Third, you have to consider the best things to do for over watering. As you know, lavenders don’t like much water. Even when they are grown in pots, you should give them protection in light, airy conditions. From November to February, it needs very little water. If you want to water it, you have to make sure that the time is right. You can do so if the pot is obviously lighter or if the plants begin to wilt. Be sure to water only on top of the compost though. You need to always remember that lavender doesn’t like damp soil and moist air.
  4. Fourth, you need to do some pruning as well. Pruning is usually done to ensure good growth of plants by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems. Doing so, sometimes it will do the trick to give second flush of flowering plants. For lavender, it’s suggested to chop them back to just 22cm just after the flowering. If you notice there are small shoots below it, it means that they will grow strongly and you can expect for next bloom. If not, unfortunately your lavender might die next year.

When Does Lavender Bloom

Blooming Lavender
Blooming Lavender

Now that you know how to care for lavender, we are sure that you must have wanted to know when it will bloom. This is the very thing that people have always looked forward to after all. Well, there are various members of Lavandula genus. The bloom time can be different from one to another. Rosea Lavender will start its bloom time in early summer. It will end late in the same season. This variety likes full sun after all. How about the others then? Would they have the same bloom time?

The difference is actually not that far apart. It’s just a bit different after all. Munstead Lavender for example has its bloom time started from middle summer and end in late summer. Then, there is French Long Lavender which starts late in spring and end in early summer instead. There is even Phenomenal Lavender that starts and ends its bloom time in the middle of summer. It has short bloom time compared to the others. There is also Provence Hedge Lavender that blooms in the middle of summer and ends early in fall. Don’t they a bit vary from each other? Sure, they do.

It sure is great to know lavender’s bloom times as you learn about how to plant, care, and harvest lavender from seed. That being said, the first bloom time that starts in early summer and ends in late summer happens in most cases. Even the English Lavender is like that too. So, you will have to be patient waiting for it to bloom considering that you will have to start establishing it from fall. However, it’s worth thing to do, isn’t it? Once it’s fully grown, you can just enjoy how beautiful it looks to decorate your home.

Lavender bloom in vase
Lavender bloom in vase

Regardless of what flower color you get from growing your chosen lavender, it should be able to color your garden beautifully with their tall stalks and flowers at its top. Since you know their bloom time, you can just wait and expect it when the time comes. Besides being decors for home exterior, you can take some stalks to put on vase to decorate your home interior as well. Don’t you think it’s a nice idea to do? Sure, it won’t last forever, but at least it can beautify your house both in and out for quite a while.

Well, of course, this isn’t the only thing you can gain from growing this flowering plant. While it’s pretty to simply gaze at, you can obviously take and use some as cooking herbs or other things. You do remember that it has various uses, right? For cooking, it’s great for salads and used for dressings because of its sweet flavor even if it’s only a slight of it. However, it should do the trick to raise your appetite to eat foods. Really, it’s not a bad idea at all to grow it. It helps you out in all sorts of ways.

How to Harvest Lavender

harvesting lavender 2
harvesting lavender 2

Once you know when lavender will bloom, you need to learn how to harvest it. Basically, what you need to do is pretty much the same as when you have to prune lavender. Harvesting and pruning are both about removing flower stalks from the bush. If it’s about pruning, this act is meant to promote new growth from the plant’s roots. Sometimes, it’s done to simply keep lavender looking neat. When it comes to harvesting, it’s best to do it when the flowers have just opened their pretty petals.

It’s because they are the most fragrant and beautiful at such time. In order to harvest lavender in a good way, follow these steps we have provided for you below. You don’t have to worry. Harvesting lavender isn’t a difficult task at all. Here we go then.

  1. First than anything, you need to gather your lavender in a bunch. So, use your hand to grab enough stalks in your palm. Just make sure it’s a bunch of lavender stalks that fit comfortably in your hand. There is no need for you to grab too much of them. Doing it moderately will do just fine. You don’t have to worry about tearing them apart too. Even with thin stalks, lavender is pretty much hardy to withstand such thing.
  2. Now that you have got a bunch of stalks, pay attention to its roots. If you pull up the bunch a bit, there should be tough, woody growth there. You can see the color difference clearly for it’s brown while the stalks are green. This is an important thing to do of how to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender, you see. So, be sure to not miss the difference between the green stalks and the brown woody growth.

    harvesting lavender
    harvesting lavender
  3. If you see it, use harvesting knife to cut 2 inches above the woody growth. Doing so will be able to promote the growth of new stalks. Just don’t cut into the woody growth or you will hurt the plant. So, please do be careful. The bush will produce you more and more flowers if you do this. The first harvest especially, gives you early bloom in lavender’s cycle of flowering. So, cut the stems immediately after the flowers have opened.
  4. After you do so, new flower will grow at the base of the flower you cut. That way, you will be able to get more than one harvest each year. Not to mention, this is something good to be done to keep good health of lavender’s growth. Harvesting is good for your plant. So, don’t let them just bloom and then die so soon. Care for it to its fullest extent.
  5. The last thing you need to do when harvesting lavender is to remove dead leaf things. Even in full bloom stalks, there will be dead leaves, stringy twigs, and other unwanted things. Of course, they won’t do any good for any use of lavender. So, be sure to cut them if you ever want to use it for something. Even at the end of the season, you are suggested to do this as well. Dead plant matter like this isn’t good for the health of the lavender after all.

What to Do with Lavender

Lavender oil benefits
Lavender oil benefits

From the discussion we have earlier, you should have known that lavender serves for various uses. Commonly, lavender is grown for medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary uses. However, the use of lavender is actually not limited to such things only. Its usage can be as unique as possible. For example, it can be used in bath salts. As you know, lavender has nice fragrance. Not to mention, its oil has important properties for humans’ health. Can you imagine what you can get from using it in bath? It relieves all sorts of health problems.

Those problems include sore muscles, tension, stress, and even insomnia. Using it with rosemary would make nice mix for bathing. Other than that, you can also use lavender to make lavender lemonade. Adding lavender to honey and lemons will give you the taste and the flavor that you might never get before. Its recipes are basically easy and simple to make. Not to mention, the result will surely be mouth-watering for you. Since it’s that promising, it’s better if you give it a try. It should give you nice alternative to eat lemonade. Isn’t that right?

Did you know? Lavender can also be used to make lavender antiseptic spritzer. It’s easy to make one. All you have to do is to mix water, lavender that has been infused with hazel, and lavender essential oil. Of course, it’s better if you follow the right amount to successfully make the mix. 1 cup of water, 12 tablespoons of lavender, and 5 drops of the oil for example, will get you as much as 8 oz of spritzer. Learning how to grow, care, harvest, and use lavender can be this interesting if you can put the lavender to proper use.

What’s next? Of course, there are still other uses of lavender. How about making lavender infused sugar then? Having it with herbal tea blend would make tea time more satisfying than ever. You get nice aroma with sweet taste from your healthy tea. What can be better than that? Well, this lavender infused sugar isn’t only good to drink herbal tea. It would be good to give as a gift too. Many people have taken a liking to lavender taste and aroma after all. So, your acquaintances should be glad to receive such gift from you.

You don’t have to always use lavender for your own use or to give as a gift to others. Lavender can produce you money as well. While lavender can indeed be sold as flowers, it can produce money in different way. One way that is interesting to try is about making lavender wands. It’s even easy to make one. All you need to work on is a bunch of uneven lavender stars and ribbon. If you manage to make some from your harvest, we suggest you to sell it in specialty stores. You will get quite big bucks from it.

What Can Be Concluded from Lavender?

Planting lavender in container
Planting lavender in container

Lavender is flowering plant coming from Lavandula genus. It’s one of the 39 species known from the mint family of Lamiacea. Native to the Old World, this lavender is found in various places, like Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, Europe, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia, and to even southeast India. Considering those places, without doubt, lavender has captivated many people with its beauty and sweet fragrance. When it comes to its beauty, we would say that lavender does have its flowers growing in quite unique way compared to other normal flowering plants, right?

Normally, you get the flowers bloom right on top of the stems with the leaves along them below the flowers. However, lavender grows green stalks and its flowers grow some inches along the top. That being said, this is how lavender flowers grow commonly. Even so, don’t you find such unusual way interesting? Not to mention, the stalks grow into a bush, making lavender look rich and full. If lavender is grown in quite long and wide ground, it would make pretty much beautiful sight to see. Due to its beauty, many people like to grow it as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use.

Well, if you harvest it and have a bunch in big vase, you can enhance the look of your home interior as well. Not to mention, with its nice fragrance, it would make perfect decors for the house. Getting some learning about the way of how to plant, care, and harvest lavender would worth so much if you can put the lavender in such good use, indeed. Also, commonly lavender might have been known to have purple color. However, it’s not always the case for there are many members of this genus after all. What are they then? There are many of them to tell one by one.

To name few, there are Rosea Lavender with pink bloom, Lavender Lady with blue bloom, Lavender Lacy Frills with white bloom, and Lavender Platinum Blonde with yellowish green bloom. Other members, like English Lavender, Munstead Lavender, Lavender Grosso, Lavender Phenomenal PPAF, etc. usually come with different hues of purple. You can choose whichever one you want. Regardless of your choice, they are all beautiful to simply decorate your home. Of course, they would offer sweet fragrance in your garden as well, making you want to stay long there just to be near them.

That being said, lavender isn’t merely flowering plants with good look and nice fragrance. From the discussion we have above, you should have been able to fully understand that lavender various uses besides being ornamental plants. Lavender can be used as herbs for culinary uses and herbs for medicinal uses with its aroma, taste, and properties. Speaking about aroma, it can also be used to make perfumes. There are still other various unique ways to use it. These are what you need to learn about how to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender. Make sure to remember it.

Description: How to grow lavender from seed, care, and harvesting lavender? It requires lots of things to do with important details that can’t be forgotten.

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