Cilantro is one of the most common cooking spices used. Rather than buying cilantro, it will be better to know how to grow cilantro in a pot indoor. Growing cilantro in a pot indoor will ease you to maintain the cilantro. For the long term, it will also save your money because you do not need to spend money to buy cilantro. In addition, growing cilantro at home also allows you to control and make sure that the cilantro is clean and healthy. Therefore, you must follow the discussion in this article below.

What Is Cilantro

Cilantro plant
Cilantro plant

Cilantro is a kind of coking spices. Commonly, it is used for traditional cooks. However, now it is used for various modern cooks. There are many people who add this on to their cooks because it does not only make the cooks more delicious but it also has so many benefits. The benefits commonly relate to your body health. So, do you know what the benefits are? Let’s check it out here.

One of the best benefits of cilantro is for diet. It means you can use cilantro to reduce fat in your stomach. How can it be? For your information, cilantro contains flavonoid. It is a natural essence that functions to prevent your stomach to absorb bad fats and bring away to liver to be eliminated. Besides that, based on a study, cilantro can also treat bloated stomach effectively. That is why you need to know how to grow cilantro indoor in a pot.

You may not believe that cilantro can make someone feel pleased. It sounds unreasonable. However, it can be explained scientifically. It is because cilantro contains photochemical that can make the glucose burning faster. This process can give you more energy. That is based on a study in Japan. Besides that, it also contains enzyme that can improve your happiness.

Besides that, cilantro can also kill germ, viruses, etc that can cause various diseases. There are many people who use cilantro in cooking meals because they want to eat healthy meals. Even more, some doctors uses cilantro for some recipes because it can function as good as antibiotic.

Then, cilantro also has many benefits for drugs. There are many diseases that can be treated using cilantro. It is because cilantro contains antibacterial essence. It is believed to be able to be used to treat infection. Besides that, it can also help you to improve your digestion. Some other diseases that can be treated using cilantro are such as mental problem, headache, rheumatic, inflammation, etc. Even more, it can also lower cholesterol.

Cilantro also has benefits for your beauty. It relates to your skin beauty. Easting meals cooked with cilantro can lower the risk of skin cancer. Besides that, there are also some essences found in cilantro that can make your skin healthier. In addition, it can also protect your skin from the sun so that it prevents the wrinkle on your skin.

There may be some other benefits of cilantro. I can mentions some other benefits of cilantro such as to treat diarrhea, lower high blood pressure, prevent, amnesia, keep your bone health, keep your eye health, and some other health benefits. Anyway, after knowing those benefits, you should have awareness to learn how to plant cilantro in a pot indoor.

What Does Cilantro Look Like

Cilantro plant looks like
Cilantro plant looks like

Cilantro, like the other leaves, has green color. However, there are some leaves that have similar look. At least I can mention 2 most similar leaves to cilantro. They are celery and parsley. In fact, those 3 leaves look similar so that there are many people who think that they are same. In fact, they are clearly different one to another. In addition, the benefits are also different. So, how can we differentiate cilantro to other leaves especially parsley and celery?

Compared to celery and parsley, cilantro has more round rounded. If you compare them carefully, you can see this difference clearly. So, there is no reason why you cannot differentiate between cilantro and celery & parsley. Besides that, you can also know cilantro from the color. It means, even though those 3 leaves have green color, cilantro looks greener than 2 other leaves. It makes you easer to know whether it is cilantro or not.

­Actually, cilantro can be recognized from its tips where the tips look dull. It is different from celery and parsley where they have sharper tips. As it is mentioned before, cilantro has the brighter green from celery and parsley. Some people say that cilantro is paler. So, can you recognize cilantro now? Hopefully you can recognize cilantro clearly after paying attention to those differences.

After you can recognize cilantro clearly, you have to know its advantages. Actually we have discussed it before. However, we can mention more benefits from cilantro. So, you cannot skip it. The benefits relate to some aspects.

For treatments, cilantro has many benefits. For example, it can be used to treat boil effectively. Just boil cilantro with water and then apply it on the affected area. Besides that, it can also be helpful to heal inflammation. It can be by eating it directly or applying on the affected area. Then, if you experience stiff, eating cilantro will help you to treat your stiff. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Even more, some studies show that cilantro can function as expectorant to protect your liver.

Cilantro is believed can function as traditional and natural aphrodisiac that is commonly used to be combined with certain herbals to improve libido. If you are a woman that has irregular menstruation period, eating celery can make your period more regular. It is because cilantro can function as a natural stimulant and can adjust secretion from endocrine gland. It helps the hormonal effect to make the cycle of menstruation better.

If you have diabetes, celery can be one of the most recommended foods to consume. It can stimulate endocrine gland so that the insulin increases from pancreas and improves insulin in the blood. It adjusts the assimilation rightly and absorbs sugar in the blood that is very useful for people who have diabetes. Even more, it can make sure that the metabolism can function well. And there are still many other easy diseases that can be treated by cilantro. It means that knowing how to grow cilantro in a pot indoor will be very useful.

Where Find Cilantro Seed for Sale

Cilantro Seeds
Cilantro Seeds

After you know various benefits of cilantro and you can also recognize cilantro even differentiate cilantro to other similar leaves including celery and parsley, you can try growing cilantro by your own at home. There are 2 choices to decide. The first is that you plant cilantro small plants. The second one is to plant cilantro seeds. You do not need to have large garden because you can use pots and even indoor. Before we discuss the method of growing cilantro in a pot indoor, it will be better to know the tips how to get the cilantro seeds with good quality. In fact, the seed quality can affect the growing process and the harvest. Therefore, you have to choose the cilantro seeds carefully.

If you prefer planting small cilantro plants, you have to make sure that the leaves look fresh and healthy. So, you have to pay attention to the leaves carefully because we will also use the leaves. In fact, the leaves have so many benefits. However, if you prefer planting cilantro seeds, you have to make sure that the seeds are hard and not porous or spongy. We know that it is not as simple as you imagine. Therefore, you should choose it as careful as possible.

So, where can we find cilantro seeds that have good quality? Basically, there are 2 ways how we can buy cilantro seeds. The first is on store. It means you should go to the store that sells cilantro seeds. So, you can choose the seeds by your own. You can also ask to the seller about anything related to cilantro seeds if needed. The second one is via online. Now, there are so many online shops that offer cilantro seeds. The prices are also commonly lower. So, which way will you use to buy cilantro seeds?

Today, there are many people prefer buying online because most online shops now offer warranty which means they will return your money if the seeds are satisfying the buyers. Besides the warranty, you have to make sure that they have good reputation. It means that they satisfy the buyers.

There are many examples where we can buy cilantro seeds. For example, if you search on Amazon, you will find so many products. One of them is Cilantro Herb that comes with 100 seeds in a pack. These seeds are guaranteed that they are really fresh and directly picked from the garden. If you are interested in it, you just need to spend about less than $ 5. It is very cheap, isn’t it? You can also buy other products that offer a pack for different amount of cilantro seeds.

How to Grow Cilantro in Pots Indoor

Grow cilantro in pot indoor
Grow cilantro in pot indoor

Actually, people usually plant cilantro outdoor at garden. However, if it is impossible, you do not have enough land for garden for example, you can consider growing cilantro indoor. However, you it needs more intensive maintenance. Besides that, actually it also eases you to control the cilantro anytime you want because you do not need to go to your garden.

Before that, you have to decide first what you will plant. It means you have to decide whether you will plant cilantro seeds or cilantro plants. To decide it wisely, you have to know the benefit of each choice. I suggest you to choose cilantro seeds because it can grow faster. Besides that, you can make sure that the cilantro grows in fresh and healthy condition from the beginning when you plant the seeds. In fact, sellers also mostly sell cilantro seeds rather than cilantro plants.

Before starting to discuss how to grow cilantro, you need to pay attention to the following tips. There are some tips that you need to follow. At least, I can mention 2 most important tips. The first tip is that you must prioritize using unglazed container because it allows the greater moisture as well as air that pass through its roots. So, you have to make some holes at the bottom.

Besides that, you should also know that growing cilantro indoor means that the cilantro needs more nutrient because it does not get enough the sun light. Therefore, you have to take care for it more carefully. For example, you need to apply fertilizer regularly. Commonly, people apply fertilizer once a week during the growing periods until you can harvest your cilantro.

Besides fertilizing, you also need to maintain it daily by watering the cilantro and keep the soil not dry. Then, even though you grow cilantro indoor, it does not mean that you do not give the sun light. Therefore, it is very important to make the room to have many large windows so that the light of sun can expose the cilantro plants. With these tips, you can successfully grow cilantro at home.

There are many steps that you need to follow in growing cilantro. Because you want to grow it in pots indoor, you have to follow these tutorials below:

  1. Choose the Right Time

First of all, you have to choose the right time when you will plant the cilantro. Based on the season, the best season when you plant cilantro is in the spring. It it is recommended to plant it in March to May. However, if it is impossible, you can also consider planting cilantro in the summer.

  1. Prepare the Indoor Area

You have to dedicate an area where you will place the pots to plant cilantro. The space depends on your need by adjusting how many cilantro you want to plant. It will be bets to choose a room that can get the sun light or at least has big windows. Besides that, the area should also have enough vents to optimize the air flow.

  1. Plant the Seeds
plant cilantro seed
plant cilantro seed

Now, it is the main step how to grow cilantro in a pot indoor. It is time to sow the cilantro seeds for about a quarter inch deep under the soil. You cannot sow more than one seeds in the same pot. So, one pot is for one cilantro seed. Therefore, the growing process will be optimized.

  1. Care for Cilantro

After all the cilantro seeds are planted, you have to care for it. Caring for cilantro is not as simple as you imagine. You need to control it until the harvest time comes. You can also plant new seeds after a few weeks so that you have many stocks of cilantro.

Those are the steps how to grow cilantro in pots indoor. It is very easy, isn’t it? By following those steps rightly, your cilantro will grow well and fast. The harvest result will also good and you can process & get the benefits.

How to Care Cilantro

Care cilantro
Care cilantro

Your job is not only panting cilantro. How to grow cilantro indoor in pots means that you also need to care for cilantro. There are many steps that you need to follow after planting cilantro:

  1. Watering

The first care that you have to follow is watering. It means you have to water the cilantro in the pots regularly. It purposes to prevent the soil getting dry. If the soil is dry, your cilantro will not grow and will die soon. That is why watering becomes one of the most important cares or maintenances in growing cilantro.

  1. Give the Sun Light

Even though you grow cilantro indoor, you have to make sure that the area can allow the sun light to expose cilantro. It becomes one of the factors that affect cilantro growing process. If the cilantro does not get enough sun light, it will not grow well and even will die. At least, you have to make sure that it gets the sun light for 5 hours a day.

  1. Fertilizing

Watering is not enough. Growing cilantro also requires you to apply fertilizers when needed. Fertilizers can help the cilantro to grow faster and better. However, you cannot apply to much fertilizer because it can danger the plants. When cilantro reaches about two inches after planting, you need to start fertilizing it. Make sure that you use organic or compost fertilizer because it is safer.

  1. Cutting

Everyone will feel pleased if his or her cilantro grows well. Cilantro will have many leaves and may even be overcrowded. However, it is not good for the growing process. So, if you see that there are some cilantros that grow overcrowded, you need to cut some leaves to make them tidier and do not disturb the growing process until harvest.

Besides those steps, there are some tips that you have to know and follow. If you want to plant cilantro indoor, you have to make sure that you place cilantro under bright light or lamps for at least 12 hours a day. So, you should put the pots in enough distance, not too close from one another. Then, you have also to pay attention to the temperature. You have to keep the temperature less than 70 degrees of Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher than 75 degrees of Fahrenheit, the plant will bolt early. Besides, even though you must allow the sun light, it should not be too hot because it can cause them too dry.

Those are some steps and tips that you need to follow when caring for cilantro. You may also do some other maintenance tips for the better harvest. By following those tips, your cilantro will grow greatly. So, if you plant cilantro indoor, you must follow those tips above.

How to Harvesting Cilantro

If the cilantro you planted grows well, you do not need to wait for the harvest too long. There is no measurement how long you can harvest cilantro. It depends on how you care for cilantro and how the cilantro health is. The healthier cilantro you plant, the faster its growing process will be. Besides that, the cilantro will also be fresher. So, if you want to harvest fresh and healthy cilantro, you have to care for it as well as possible.

There are two ways how to grow cilantro. Based on the method, you can cut cilantro leaves wholly or partially. It depends on your desire. The method can affect how your cilantro will be in the future. So, you have to decide how you harvest it. Here are the steps and tips that you need to follow:

  1. Harvest Cilantro in the Morning

Firstly, you have to choose the right time of harvest. Actually, you can harvest cilantro anytime in the day whether it is morning, noon, or afternoon. However, the best time in harvesting cilantro is in the morning where the leaves are still fresh and crisp. However, harvesting cilantro in the afternoon is also allowed.

  1. Use a Sharp and Clean Knife
harvesting by cutting csilantro
harvesting by cutting csilantro

Commonly, people harvest cilantro by cutting the leaves. If you want to cut the leaves, you have to make sure that you use a sharp knife. With a sharp knife, you can cut the leaves as well as the stem easily and fast. Besides sharp, the knife should also be clean. You cannot use a rust knife because it can cause disease when you consume cilantro if the processing is not really maximal. Anyway, you have to make sure the cleanliness of the knife to keep the cilantro healthy.

  1. Cut for One Third Down

How long you have to cut the cilantro leaves? Actually, it depends on how long the leaves grow. Ideally, you need to cut one third down of the leaves. However, you may need to cut longer if the leaves grow shorter. Then, the other parts will grow again if you care for it well including watering and fertilizing regularly during the growing period. The growing period of cilantro is different from one another depending on the health.

  1. Harvest It Once a Week

How often can you harvest cilantro? It depends on the growing process. So, the way how to grow cilantro in a pot indoor has an important role. However, commonly you can harvest cilantro at least once a week. If your cilantro is healthy and can grow faster, you can harvest more often and even twice a week. On the other hand, if you do not harvest it once a week, the leaves will be overcrowded so that it will be bad for the cilantro growth.

  1. Pick Cilantro Wholly

It is another option how you harvest cilantro. You can consider picking cilantro wholly. In this case, the cilantro will not grow again. So, you need to plant cilantro from the seeds again. Because you have known how to plant cilantro in pots indoor, it does not matter. Anyway, it is your choice whether you want to cut one third of the leaves or pick cilantro wholly.

How to Store Cilantro

After picking cilantro, what should you do with it? You can process it directly. However, you can also store it first. Storing cilantro is not as simple as you imagine. Storing cilantro means that you have to keep cilantro fresh and healthy for a few days. If you want to know, here is how:

Store Cilantro Using Plastic Bag

Cilantro in plastic bag
Cilantro in plastic bag
  1. Cut the Stem

Firstly, you need to cut the stem of cilantro you harvest. Cutting the stem is helpful to keep cilantro fresh longer. You just need to cut the stem for about an inch. To cut the stem, I suggest you to use a kitchen scissor. However, if you do not have it, you can also consider using a knife. Once again, you have to make sure that the knife is surely sharp.

  1. Do Not Clean

If you want to process the cilantro directly after harvest, you can wash and clean it. However, if you want to store it first, you cannot. If the cilantro is not clean just store it first and you can clean or wash when you want to process it. Washing cilantro before storing is not a good idea because it cannot keep cilantro fresh longer and get faded quickly.

  1. Put Cilantro into a Jar

Then, you should put cilantro into a jar. Before it, fill the jar with a little water. Make sure that the water will not cause the leaves sink below a surface. It will let the stem of the cilantro to absorb water needed so that it will stay fresh.

  1. Cover It with Plastic Bag

After that, cover it with a plastic bag. You have to make sure that the plastic bag is loose enough. It means that you limit the air for the cilantro. It is good to keep cilantro fresh. To keep the plastic bag in place, you can use an elastic bracelet to hold it. You have to make sure that the plastic bag is clean.

  1. Store It in a Refrigerator

Now, you can store it in your refrigerator. By storing it in a refrigerator, it can stay fresh up to about 2 weeks. However, it can be less or more.

  1. Change the Water Periodically

After storing it in a refrigerator, you have to check it after a few days later. When you find that the water looks turbid, you have to change the water. It will make the cilantro stay fresh longer so that you have to keep the water clean.

Store Cilantro in Freezer

frozen cilantro 2
frozen cilantro 2

Besides that, you can also consider storing cilantro in a plastic bag. It is different from the first way. If can also keep cilantro fresh longer. If you are interested in it, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Wash and Dry Cilantro

Firstly, you need to wash cilantro with clean water. You should not only wash the leaves but also the stems. I suggest you to use cold water. After that, leave it until dry or dry it out with Kleenexes.

  1. Cut the Leaves

Actually, it is an optional step. If you want to store the leaves only, you can cut the leaves.  You can cut the leaves using a scissor or a sharp knife.

  1. Spread on a Big Tray

The next step is to spread the leaves on a big tray. You have to make sure that each leaf does not touch one another.

  1. Freeze It for About 30 Minutes

Now, you should store it in a freezer so that the leaves and stems get frozen. Ideally, it takes about a half hour. However, you can also freeze it longer.

  1. Move Cilantro into a Plastic Bag

After a half hour, you need to move cilantro into a bag made from plastic. You have to make sure that the plastic bag is sealed.

  1. Store It in a Freezer

Lastly, you should store it n a freezer. This way can make cilantro stay fresh even up to a few months. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Store Cilantro On Ice Tray

There is also a good way to store cilantro. This way requires you to store cilantro on an ice tray. If you are interested in it, you should follow these:

  1. Wash and Dry Out Cilantro
    washing cilantro

Like the previous way, you need to wash cilantro first. After that, you should dry it out. You can use a screening filter and let the water falls down until the cilantro dry.

  1. Cut Cilantro in Small Pieces

After that, you should cut the cilantro into some small pieces. You can use either a scissor or a sharp knife.

  1. Place the Spices of Cilantro onto the Tray

    place cilantro on tray
    place cilantro on tray

Then, you can place the cilantro on the tray in different parts. There is no measurement how many spices you should put on one box of the ice tray.

  1. Fill with Water

Next, you should give water on each box of the ice tray to cover the cilantro pieces. It functions to make the cilantro stay fresh for longer time.

  1. Freeze It All

The next step is that you should put or store it in a freezer. You have to make sure that the water is frozen so that the cilantro is held in the frozen ice.

  1. Move It to a Plastic Bag

After frozen, you should move it into a plastic bag. To keep it fresh, you should store it again in a freezer and you can process it anytime. If you want to use the cilantro, you should molten it first.

Store Cilantro In Jar

Cilantro in Jar
Cilantro in Jar

It is easy how to plant cilantro indoor in pots and how to store cilantro. However, there is one more method in storing cilantro while keeping it in fresh condition. Here is the way:

  1. Cut Dry Leaves

Firstly, you have to cut the leaves of cilantro that are dry. Do not cut all the leaves but only the parts of leaf that are dry. It is usually at the tips of the leaf. It will be best done using a kitchen scissor or a sharp knife. The dry leaves have less taste than the leaves that will by dried rightly. So, you cannot keep them at the same time.

  1. Bundle the Stems

Then, collect some stems of cilantro. After that, bundle them at the tips of the stems using a rope. Ideally, it consists of 4 or 5 stems for each bundle. It should not be too tight and too loose.

  1. Hang Them

The next step is to hang them. String the ropes on a hanger and then hang them until dry. Just let them dry by the wind so that you have to keep them away from the sun light directly. In fact, the sun light can make the color of the cilantro change.

  1. Wrap Them Using Paper

You may need to protect them from the sun or anything else. To protect them, you can wrap using papers. However, you have to make some small holes on the papers you use to wrap. It allows the air flows and prevents fungi.

  1. Check Regularly

Usually, the cilantro will dry wholly in 2 weeks. However, you have to check regularly every day. You have to make sure that the cilantro is well.

  1. Put into a Jar

After 2 weeks, you should put the cilantro into a jar. For your information, dry cilantro can be stored until about 6 months. However, you need a jar or a plastic bag as the storage.

  1. Store It

Lastly, you can store it. You have to make sure that the area where you store it has a cool temperature. You can write the date when you start storing it.

How to Use Cilantro

I Use cilantro for this
I Use cilantro for this

When you want to use cilantro, you can take it from your jar or freezer. You cannot directly process and use cilantro. However, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Wash Cilantro Cleanly

Firstly, you need to wash the cilantro. You should use clean running water. Then, you can process it rightly.

  1. Decide Which Part You Need

After cleaning the cilantro, you need to decide whether you will use the leaves only or the whole cilantro including the stem. If you use the cilantro leaves only, you have to cut the stems. Anyway, you still need to cut them in some parts or pieces.

  1. Cook the Cilantro

Now, you can cook cilantro. Cooking cilantro should not be too long. It may only take a few minutes and it will be cooked well. Cooking cilantro too long will get rid of the nutrients contained in cilantro.

  1. Eat Cilantro

After being cooked, you can eat cilantro. Of course you will not eat cilantro without any other food. Usually, cilantro is eaten with some other foods. For example, you can add cilantro onto Thai foods. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to add cilantro on salads. There are also many Indonesia foods that will be much more delicious with cilantro. You can consider any food with cilantro. It depends on your desire.

If you are confused to find the best recipe to eat cilantro, I will share some recipes. One of the best food recipes with cilantro is Salsa Verde. What you need is to prepare green onion, garlic, chilies, green Anaheim, tomatoes, and cilantro itself. Then, mix them all using a blender. Now, you can serve and eat it. It will taste very delicious.

If you still need other ideas, you can consider making Cilantro Guacamole. To follow this recipe, you have to prepare salt, lime juice, Jalapeno peppers, small tomatoes, onion, avocados, and cilantro itself. Just mix them all and serve it immediately.

I will give one more recipe that you can practice with cilantro. This recipe is called cilantro butter. To practice this recipe, you need to prepare these first. What you need are butter, lemon juice and cilantro itself. Firstly, combine the cilantro and the butter adequately. Then, add the lemon juice. You have to make sure that the lemon juice is still fresh. After that, mix them all evenly. Now, you need to freeze it. You can store it in a freezer. After being thawed, it will be good to be used in sauce or as a spread.

There are still many other recipes of foods that you can make with cilantro. Even more, cilantro can also be used to make drinks or sauce and its can be the best for you. However, commonly it only becomes additional or accessories for some foods. Anyway, cilantro is very beneficial because of the nutrients contained.

That is all about cilantro. Now, you don’t only know how to grow cilantro in a pot indoor but also how to care, how to harvest, how to store, and even how to use. Hopefully, this will be a useful reference for you all.

Description: How to grow cilantro in a pot indoor is not difficult. However, you need to choose the good seeds, care it well, harvest it rightly, store it well, and use it with various recipes.


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