Do you have a cat? Cat is one of the most favorite pets in the world. There are many people who pet a cat because cat is cute, fluffy, and funny, especially if it’s still a kitten. However, when the kitten grows older, it may not be as interesting as when it is still a kitten. Your older cat may look lazy (but still cute). What your cat does may only be eating and sleeping. So, do you want to make your cat excited again? Fortunately, there is a plant named catnip. It is believed that this plant is able to make any cat excited and happy like when it is still a kitten. In This post, you will learn How to Grow Catnip for Your Cats. To make easy, lets start learn how to plant catnip for your cats.

What Is Catnip?

Before we talk more about how to plant catnip for your cats, first it will be better to know clearly what catnip is. Catnip is a kind of plant that becomes one of the mint families. Besides that, it also belongs to Lamiaceae family. There are many people who say that catnip is the most favorite plant for cats. Even more, it can also make people addicted.

What Does Catnip Look Like?

catnip looks like
catnip looks like

There are still many people who don’t know about catnip in detailed. Or some people don’t know how catnip looks like. Firstly, you need to know that catnip is also well known as catmint. Catnip is a plant that grows with toothed leaves that look like a heart shape like you see in picture above. Besides that, it also has small white flowers with purple spots. This plant is commonly able to live up to 2 years. Of course, it depends on the care and the area where it grows.

Characteristics of Catnip

The first is that the flowers are arranged similar to pendants. That’s why there’re many people who can’t differentiate between catnip and pendant. In fact, they are different each other but both of them have the similar functions. They can make cats feel happier, more excited and get addicted. Anyway, you have to know how to be able to differ between catnip and pendant.

Besides that, the color of the catnip leaves is green like the common leaves. It is because it has chlorophyll and grows with the similar way to other green plants and leaves. The leaves have rounded shape, not oval. In addition, catnip must have pointed tips. So, if the tips are not pointed, they may not be catnips. Lastly, you should know that the edges of the catnip leaves are toothed. If you find these characteristics on a plant, that plant may be catnip.

Is there any other characteristic that we can consider to recognize catnip? In relation to the shape, there may be many plants or grasses that have the similar looks to catnip. So, it will be difficult to know whether it is catnip or other plants. Another plants may not have the same characteristics that I have mentioned above. Catnip usually has height up to 50 centimeters. For the stems, they also have green color wholly. Based on the explanation above, it is clear how catnip looks like, isn’t it?

The Advantages of Catnip for Cats

Advantage catnip for cats
Advantage catnip for cats

Before we go to the discussion how to grow catnip for cats, we need to know the benefits of catnip for cats first. As we know, catnip is the most favorite plant for cats. Of course, it has many benefits for cats.

  • Catnip Can Make Your Cat More Excited And Happy

One of the benefits is that your cat will feel more excited and happy. That is why it is appropriate for you who have a lazy cat. Or you can also give catnip to a cat that gets older. So, your old cat will feel younger, feel more excited and like playing again.

  • Catnip Can Reduce Stress

If your cat is stressed, you should entertain it. It means you have to give something your cat loves. In this case, catnip is very effective to treat stress for cats. Stress commonly happens to cats when you move to a new house or some other situations. To prevent stress, just give catnip to your cats and let them sniff and play with the catnip.

  • Catnip Can Make Cats Confident

Are your cats mousy? If you have mousy cats, you can make them more confident. In fact, catnip can make your cats happier, more excited, and more aggressive. If you train your cats with catnip regularly, they will be confident can be like the common cats. Your cats will also be braver.

  • Catnip Can Make Cats More Active

Your cats may not be mousy. However, your cats are lazy. If you want your cats more active, you can consider giving them catnip. If your cats more active, they will be healthier and funnier. Usually, cat will rub its chin, cheek, head, or other parts of body onto the catnip you give. This makes your cat feel enjoyed doing this. It may happen in a few minutes. Your cat will not eat the catnip but catnip can make your cat addicted. It means your cat want to play with the catnip for long minutes or even hour. But, some cats will only play with catnip for more or less 15 minutes only and they will act like usual. Anyway, it depends on how fresh the catnip you give and your cat itself. The age of cat also affect it.

Those are the effects that you should know about catnip to cats. So, we can say that all the effects are good. There is no bad effect can be seen there. That is why you should understand how to plant catnip for kitten.

How Catnip Can Make Cats Addicted

After we know that cats love catnip, you may think how it can be. A study shows that it is caused by torpedoed property that is called as nepetalactone. So, how it works to attract cats? In fact, cats will respond this substance with helps of their smells and then this substance can cause hallucinogen. There are many people who say that catnip can cause addicted for cats because cats will love it so much and play with it for long hours.

Don’t worry, this plant is actually not addictive. It is also reasonable because cats will stop playing, licking, and wipe their fur on catnip after a few minutes or hours. Actually, the response of cat is affected by some factors. One of them is the genetic factor which means the cat should inherit the right gen to react to catnip. Besides that, it may also be affected by the catnip plant. If the catnip is still fresh, it can affect the cat more strongly.

The Benefits of Catnip for Human

Catnip is not only beneficial for cats. It’s also has many benefits for human. So, what are the benefits of catnip for human? The first benefit that is most popular is to keep away from mosquito and other small insects because insects don’t like the smell. There are many people who use this plant to help them to sleep better. So, it is very useful for you who have insomnia. Its benefits also include for children where catnip is very good to treat puffed stomach. Considering the benefits above, it is very important to know how to grow catnip for your cats or for any other purpose including for you and your family.

Still related to the benefit of catnip for human, it is also often used for drink. In this benefit, what I mean is tea. What you need is not the leaves, flowers, stems, etc but the seeds. You can process the catnip seeds for tea. The aroma of the tea made from catnip seeds is very tasty. So, if you are bored with the usually tea, you can consider making tea from catnip seeds.

How to Find Catnip for Sale?

catnip Package
catnip Package

We will talk about how to grow catnip for a cat but sometimes people prefer buying than growing catnip. So, it will be better to know how we can buy catnip. You can buy catnip either on store or online. It depends on your desire. If you buy it on store, you can choose it directly and you can make sure that the catnip is in a good condition. Today there are so many online shops that ease you to buy catnip. So, decide it wisely.

Tips to Buy Good Catnip

After you decide where you will buy catnip, you have to make sure that you buy the good catnip. It means you have to know some tips how to find the best quality catnip. There are some tips that you need to consider. The first is that you should decide whether you will buy it as small plant, seeds, or even catnip products. In fact, today there are so many products of catnip that are designed in practical contains. If you want to grow catnip at home, you have to consider small plants or catnip seeds.

Catnip Seed
Catnip Seed

If you want to buy catnip plants, you have to make sure that the leaves look green and fresh. If the leaves are yellowish, it may be that the catnip is faded. So, you have to find another one that is better. If you want to buy catnip seeds, you have to make sure that the seeds are still in a good condition. If you want to buy a processed product of catnip, you have to make sure that it is processed rightly and does not contain chemicals so that it will be safe for your cats.

How to Grow Catnip

Growing Catnip
Growing Catnip

Now, it is time to discuss in detail step by step how to grow catnip seeds for your cats. There are many tips and steps that you need to follow. Here is the detailed tutorial how to do that:

Various Facts of Catnip


Besides the benefits, there are so many facts of catnip that you need to know. It may relate to some aspects. Because the facts are very important, let’s check it out here:

  1. Catnip is a kind of perennial herb. It belongs to mint family of Nepeta Cataria. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and also has stems or stalks with heart shaped leaves. Besides that, the stem tips have small lavender, pink, blue, or white blooms. Actually, catnip can grow in America and Africa too. But, it can only grow well in Asia and Europe.
  2. Catnip can make cats respond to it and becomes more aggressive. However, do you know that only about 50 to 7 percents of cats that want to respond catnip? It doesn’t only depend on the catnip but it can also be affected by the cat itself. For example, most Australian cats won’t respond to catnip. Besides that, too young cats or too old cats may also have less reaction to catnip. On the contrary, big cats like leopards, lions, and tigers are very sensitive to catnip and they will be very aggressive.
  3. Catnip can also be used to fight against insects including mosquitoes, flies, termites, and cockroaches. Even more, its effectiveness can be up to 10 times compare to other plants. Even it’s so effective, catnip can’t fight against bugs if you apply it onto your skin.
  4. Catnip is very useful not only for cats but also for humans. Commonly, catnip is used to make a tea. In fact, tea made of catnip can treat some health problems or diseases such as toothaches, headaches, and nausea. If you have insomnia, I suggest you to drink catnip tea and it will fix your insomnia problem. One thing you have to note that catnip shouldn’t be used by pregnant women.
  5. Today, you can also find catnip inform of capsule. You can buy it in many stores. It is usually used by you who want to treat certain diseases. So, buying catnip should depend on your purposes.
  6. There are also many organic products of catnip that you can find. For example, you can find catnip sprays. Besides that, there are also many catnip loose leaves available. Then, some stores also sell catnip toys, scratching pads, dental chews, pellets, buds, and flowers.

Is Catnip Bad for Cat?

We have discussed how to grow catnip for cats clearly. Some people say that catnip is safe for cats and some people says catnip is bad for cats. So, which one is true? Is catnip safe or bad for cats? It is very interesting to be discussed so that you can use it rightly without a doubt.

Firstly, you need to know that mostly, cat will not eat catnip. But, some cats may eat catnip. In fact, cats are not herbivore. That is why they don’t like eating catnip. Commonly, cats only sniff catnip and the cats will act crazy. Anyway, if your cats eat catnip, it doesn’t matter and it is safe surely.

Your cats may only sniff or chew catnip without eating it. A study shows that catnip is safe for cats. In some cases show that cats may experience vomit or even diarrhea after too much chewing catnip. You shouldn’t be worry because you it doesn’t happen for long, only a few minutes or hours and your cats will be healthy again.

You may store your catnip at cabinets or other kinds of storage. Even you store it, your cats still be able to sniff it. Does it mean that your cats addicted in catnip? I can say that cats love catnip but as long as catnip doesn’t contain addictive essence, catnip won’t make your cats addicted even though they will love it so much.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that catnip is safe for your cats as long as your cats are not overdose. As we know, everything is bad if overdose. So, after knowing that catnip is safe, now you shouldn’t worry to practice how to grow catnip for lazy cats.

How to Use Catnip

After knowing how to grow catnip for your cats, now we will talk about how to use catnip.

  1. Give Catnip Toys

Today, we can find various toys that contain catnip for cats. However, you have to know that the effect will be reduced time by time. It is like herbal ingredients where the smell is reduced by the time because of the air and light exposure. In this way, you just need to give the toys to your cats and let them play with the toys. They love the toys because of the smell of catnip.

  1. Spread Catnip on the Floor

Besides that, you can also spread catnip on the floor and then let your cats to sniff, play, roll, and do crazy acts with catnip. It is very simple, isn’t it?

What to Keep in Mind

Using catnip to your cats is very simple and easy. But you cannot give catnip carelessly because it may not be effective or even danger your cats. So, pay attention to these tips:

  • Don’t Give Catnip to Too Young Kitten

Can you give catnip to kitten? Actually, it isn’t recommended but it’s allowed. In fact, kitten is commonly active and not lazy. They like playing around. So, you don’t need to give catnip to your kitten. If you want to give it to your kitten, it should be more than 2 months because too young kitten will not respond it. Anyway, it will be better to let your kitten play naturally without catnip so that the kitten won’t be addicted.

  • Give Dry Catnip to Cats

Before you give catnip to your cats, you have to make sure that the catnip is dry. However, it shouldn’t be too dry. So, after you harvest catnip, you cannot give it to your cats directly but dry it out first. After you are sure that the catnip is dry, give it to your cats and let them play with it.

  • Give Catnip Leaves to Cats

When you harvest catnip, you may cut the leaves only or with the stalks. If you only cut the leaves, you can give them to your cat. Just spread them onto your floor and your cats will sniff then approach to the catnip leaves.

  • Give Catnip with Stalks

If you harvest catnip by cutting the stalks, you can give them including the stalks to your cats on the floor. Your cats will go to the catnip soon because they can sniff the smell even though the distance is a few meters.

  • Let Your Cats Chew or Eat Catnip

In some cases, cats may also like chewing or even eating catnip. What should you do if your cats do that? You shouldn’t stop it because it is safe. Just let what your cats like to do to catnip even eating it because after a few minutes or hours your cats will stop sniffing, chewing or eating catnip.

  • Don’t Give Catnip Too Much and Too Often

Even though catnip is safe for your cats, it is not recommended to give it to your cats too much and too often. Just give a few stalks or leaves of catnip to your each cat. Then, how often can you give catnip to your cats? Ideally, you only need to give it once a week. If you want to give it twice a week, it’s still allowed but three times a week will be too often.

Which Is Better Between Catnip Toys or Catnip Plants?

As it is mentioned before, there are many products of catnip toys today. They are available in many markets. Nowadays, you can buy catnip toys either via online or on store. But, a question raises that if we compare between catnip toys and catnip plants, which is better?

The effectiveness of catnip plants is higher because they are still natural whether catnip toys only contain small catnip. So, when we talk about the effect, catnip plants have the bigger effects.

Can Cats Be Tempered After Given By Catnip?

There is also a good question whether cat will be tempered after you give catnip to them. As we know, catnip can make cats more aggressive. However, it won’t change the temper. So, if your cats are not tempered, your cats won’t be tempered after you give catnip to them. Temper may change but it isn’t affected by catnip. On the contrary, catnip can make your cats funnier and even look drunk.

What to Do If Cats Get Vomit by Catnip?

There are some cases that cats experience vomit caused by catnip. Usually, it happens to cats that chew or eat catnip. If your cats don’t chew or eat catnip, they won’t experience vomit. However, it vomit happens to your cats, what should you do? Just stop letting your cats from chewing or eating catnip and your cats won’t vomit again. Overall, catnip is safe for cats and it can be a solution for lazy cats. So, are you ready to follow how to grow catnip for your cats?

Description: How to grow catnip for your cats should be done rightly. You can plant from seeds or small plants. You can also grow it indoor or outdoor. Anyway, catnip is safe for your cats.

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How To Grow Catnip
How To Grow Catnip
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