DIY Penny Tile Floors

Monday, January 28th, 2013 - Home Improvement

DIY Penny Tile Floors

Tiling Floor With Penny

Redecorating by using pennies is definitely inexpensive and also interesting, and give your guests with a talk piece along with an enjoyable trick. A classic practical trick would be to glue a penny into the floors of a bar so your guest can watch as passers-by try out in vain to pick it up. You are also can cover the whole floor with penny for an cheap and different way of building a attractive element in your own bar.

How To Make Penny Tile Floors DIY?

1. Blend warm water + dish soap inside a pail, after that drop in the cents you want to put on the floor. Pennies are covered with oils, dust and also other debris that could reduce an effective bond with the glue you are going to use. Mix the material inside the pail to make sure the cents are completely cleaned out.

2. Pour out water and also soap mixture, after that rinse your cents by using freshwater. Drop the water from your pail, then simply lay the cents on the soft towel and let all of them dried out.

3. Clean the floor. If your cents or maybe the floors are unclean, you will not get an effective bond between the two.

4. Blend the epoxy resin and also hardener based on the manufacturer’s directions. Epoxy glues will make an amazingly solid bond, sticking with both the metallic of your penny and also the floor material.

5. Use a little amount of epoxy to one side of your penny. Work with a toothpick to help transfer the epoxy to your penny, applying about as much epoxy like a grain of rice for each coin. Either put one or two penny in a well-trafficked spot for a joke, or simply use a penny within a mosaic pattern to fully cover the floor.

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