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Monday, June 17th, 2013 - Furniture

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Repurposed Furniture Dresser Drawer With Creativity

Luvne – Repurposing old stuff is a wonderful and eco-friendly way of living. Dresser Drawers can be so easy and simple to repurpose or utilize for creating another piece of furniture.

Ideas For Repurposing Old Furniture Dresser Drawer

There are several options for repurposing old drawers. The first is by using them as shelves or frames for little things. It is really handy for hallways that you can keep the gloves, keys, and also a shoehorn there. You can even create art work frames out of them.

Old Drawer Become Coffee Table

A drawer or perhaps 2 can be a base to get a coffee table. You may need a few caster wheels, a coat of new paint, and a glass tabletop for the conversions however in the end you may end up getting a great hand made storage-friendly coffee table.

A number of old drawers could be changed into a bookcase or perhaps fill up the old dresser. The latter could be filled up with different drawers for a multi-colored uncommon appearance.

For Growing Medical Herbs

Old drawers can be utilised separately or perhaps in a chest for growing natural herbs, blossoms, and other sorts of plants. They work good specially around the home or perhaps on a porch because they are both home furniture and also planters. You can even take them out in to the backyard garden if you would like decorate it.

Use Furniture Dresser Drawer As Self Storage Unit

A drawer also can act as a tray, a console table, a pet bed, and also a chalkboard. Lastly drawers can be utilized as self storage units they are even out of chest. You are able to position them underneath the bed or perhaps wardrobe and also pull all of them out any time you need them.

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