DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas

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DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (3)

Transform Your Nook Into Unique Bedroom!

Luvne - Whenever designing a home, most people very first is focused on the main spaces. These will be the main rooms. However in every single home additionally there are secondary spaces and those usually are the hallways, closets and also nooks. They may certainly not always be recognized in the same way like the main rooms however they’re also really important for the entire final result. They create a house really feel complete plus they will often transform the way the entire house feels like when they are utilized in their total potential.

DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (2)

Creative DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas

This will be a story that showing how a simple, empty space close to the home window had been changed into a comfy and incredibly wonderful reading nook. It had been a one week end job while it was rainy outside the house. The 1st step seemed to be to rip down the original baseboards and then to create a rectangle-shaped box which has a divider plus some shelves in the front. A portion of the baseboard was changed and also a little bit of trim had been included in to provide it a rounded edge. After that every little thing was colored white.

Add Cozzy Cushion And Xmas Light!

Comfy pillows had been included. The pillows are created from a piece of foam along with a cover created from an old blanket. And then some Xmas lights were being wired on the source of light and Chinese lanterns were added in within the ceiling. Next, drapes were being added in to get more personal privacy as well as comfort. It is a really lovely reading nook, ideal for calming on a rainy day.

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 DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (5)

DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (4)

DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (1)

DIY Window Nook Bedroom Ideas (6)

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